Cannabusiness Technology, Compliance and Scaling Your Business

September 28, 2019 | 12:50 pm | Room 2 | Operations Management

With so many new terms, such as seed-to-sale and track-and-trace, do you find yourself lost on what they all mean? Okay, sure, you may know the definition of each, but do you know how they apply to Oklahoma’s laws including the Unity Bill? Join the conversation with John Tytus, MJ Freeway’s onboarding consultant as he reviews how industry terms apply to you and the laws in Oklahoma. John will help you understand what technology is needed to support your cannabusiness and comply with regulations, as well as what you don’t need.
He will help Oklahoma operators understand what role technology plays in their daily operations and what role technology plays as it relays to the Unity Bill and compliance. Explain the differences in seed-to-sale vs. track and trace, and walk operators through how to scale their cannabusiness.

After this conversation, you’ll walk away with the confidence to make technology decisions, understand and remain in compliance and learn opportunities for scaling your business.

john tytus

John Tytus, Onboarding Consultant, MJ Freeway

John Tytus, Onboarding Consultant at MJ Freeway, has more than 20 years in cultivation experience and has helped over 60 diverse cannabis facilities in their consulting and technology needs. Having spent nearly 20 years in consulting and development roles, John moved his expertise to cannabis and through his work, he has an organic understanding of the burgeoning retail and dispensary cannabis market. With an MBA from Xavier University in Ohio, John is a highly educated professional who is embracing the unique challenges of the dynamic world of cannabis agriculture, education and marketing.