Profiting from Solventless: Tips and Tricks for Success

August 6, 2021 | 1:00 pm | 33 | Extraction, Marketing & Branding

This professional insight-filled seminar will teach attendees how some of the most successful processing businesses leverage solventless SKUs to add profits to their bottom lines and boost their brand presence among the influencers that care the most. Presented by Josh Rutherford, CEO of Kush Masters, an award winning processing lab in Boulder Colorado, among other roles (such as the co-founder of PurePressure, PureCannalabs, and more) the information offered comes from real world trial and error. With hands on experience, Josh will share his knowledge about what SKUs most brands should pursue, how to create a stable pipeline of high quality material that works for solventless, and how to ultimately tie the whole picture together to go after winning awards. If your operation is considering making solventless concentrates or is looking to gain an edge in the super competitive extracted and infused product spaces, this seminar is for you.

Josh Rutherford

Josh Rutherford, Owner, Kush Masters & PurePressure

Josh Rutherford has an immense amount of experience in the cannabis industry and has been active for nearly a decade growing, extracting, consulting, and running businesses. Josh serves as the co-founder of PurePressure and PureCannalabs, as well as the CEO of Kush Masters, an award winning cannabis processing facility in Boulder, Colorado, among other roles at other cannabis businesses as well. Josh keenly understands the ins and outs of cultivation and processing, having helped launch a variety of products both on dispensary shelves and in the extraction equipment space.