the jdi group, Inc.

The JDI Group provides complete facility design for the cannabis industry. Your space, your place – our team of architects and engineers will design a facility to showcase your cannabis production and provisioning centers. We cover retail spaces, back of house growing, fertigation, extraction and processing rooms. Deciding between an indoor grow facility and a greenhouse? We can walk you through the pros and cons. Interested in high-yield butane extraction? You’ll need a blast-resistant, high hazard room with special ventilation and electrical devices. Developing edible products? Our engineering team has the knowledge to support your production and packaging in a USDA quality, clean room facility. Worried about odor control, microbial hazards/pests, product drying and storage? Need to meet state regulations for a secure facility? Let’s talk. We can design the facility you need to get you up and running. Architects Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers Structural & Civil Engineers IT & Communications Designers Controls & Automation Experts Surveyors 3-D Laser Scanners Process Mechanical Engineers