The Good Earth Organics

good earth organics

We started as a two-person team in 2008, with rented space and a dream to bring organic nutrients and supplies to gardeners in Cave Junction. Our founders, Roy Leon and his wife Barbara, made this dream a reality. Through their love of gardening and passion for pure ingredients, Zen Blend was born in 2010. The next year, Gaia’s Gift was added to the soil family. We’ve developed additional soil blends and products since then, and we’re looking forward to adding even more in the future. Customer service was—and still is today—our number-one priority. With our bestselling mixes, firsthand gardening expertise, and outstanding customers, we’ve been able to launch two more full-service retail stores, making shopping convenient for gardeners all over rural Josephine County.We are passionate about growth. Our focus is set not only on growth in the garden but also in our community in Southern Oregon. We look forward to the future, and we are humbled and thankful. Without your support, we wouldn’t be where we are in our journey, and we appreciate the opportunity to continue serving you.