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Soilscape Solutions

cannacon vendor

Soilscape Solutions aims to build soil and cannabis cultivation infrastructure with an eye toward the future — with 20 plus years experience in the cultivation space. By understanding the complex nature of both used commercial potting soils, and native, clay-based soils, Soilscape helps clients create and maintain a comprehensive plan for long-term plant health and soil sustainability. Soilscape also offers pre-amendend soil for cultivators who are just beginning or needing to add more material to their system.

While creating a foundation of proper soil and plant health Soilscape Solutions provides industry leading infrastructure including greenhouses, custom designed irrigation systems, ventilation and exhaust systems. When providing clients the best environment possible, ones which are tailored specifically to their individual cultivation demands, their businesses thrive. Through proper soil testing analysis, Soilscape amendments, the addition of biologicals and the use of Soilscape Solutions proprietary foliar feed program aptly named, “Phylloscape” clients consistently outperform their piers in all metrics including, overall yields, total cannabinoids, and plant terpene production, often at lower input costs.

Based out of Humboldt County, Soilscape Solutions continues to be the go to company for cultivators within the county and beyond.

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