Silver Bullet Water Treatment


Silver Bullet Water Treatment: A Green Chemistry Solution

Traditional water treatment methods frequently depend on harsh or hazardous chemicals for their respective processes. Using hazardous chemical-based water treatment methods can potentially have long-term, detrimental consequences for the environment, and can introduce health and safety liability risks related to the storage and handling of the toxic chemicals used in conventional water treatment methods.

Silver Bullet TREATS WATER BETTER through our commitment to developing and offering Green Chemistry1 water treatment technologies and services. Our oxidant-based water treatment technology does not employ hazardous chemicals and simply relies on the surrounding ambient air as the feedstock for our proprietary advanced oxidation process. Our patented photo-chemical process that produces the Silver Bullet mixed oxidant gas used in our water treatment systems is non-hazardous and does not produce any toxic by-products. Silver Bullet’s supplemental media filtration and UV-disinfection water treatment systems offer additional solutions to address more challenged water situations, while still conforming to Green Chemistry principles.

Silver Bullet embraces the challenge of being a leading sustainable water treatment company.  We are inspired to develop and introduce innovative, progressive solutions to help solve our customers’ water problems. We are proud to maintain and practice Green Chemistry principles in our everyday operations, knowing that our water treatment technologies are positively impacting both our customers’ operations and the environment, while reducing or eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals.

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