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Rt. 66 Xtracts

Rt 66 | midwest cannacon
We are located a short drive west of Oklahoma City on I-40 Exit 88 in Hydro, OK.
Rt. 66 Xtracts was founded with the aspirations to become the leading provider to Patients and Dispensaries in Oklahoma by creating innovational cannabidiol products through proprietary science based techniques manufacturing leading oil and concentrates products.  Our team is on the vanguard of modern Cannabis Extraction Technique and Cannabinoid Isolation – possessing proprietary trade secrets and leading-edge technology that is setting the standard in a new and booming industry.

Achieving the satisfaction of our customer is as important as achieving the satisfaction and welfare of our final consumer the patient. Therefore,  we try to establish strong relationships with our customers based on a tailored service and on maintaining collaboration and cooperation, able to fulfill all the needs that may arise.In short, no matter the type of customer – small dispensaries, corporate owned dispensaries, certified growers,  we know that, by paying attention to small details, we can achieve the goal which unites us to our customers: achieving excellence together furthering the advancement of  medical marijuana to hit our goal of satisfaction by the patient. 

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