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Reliant Gasses

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How it all began…

The story of the Reliant companies began in the early 1970s, not long after the joint purchase of some west Texas ranchland. On that property, one of the nation’s largest and purest natural carbon dioxide reservoirs was discovered. We like to think of it as a pure rocky mountain spring water of naturally-occurring carbon dioxide.

After pipelines were built from New Mexico to the Permian Basin, the Reliant Group was established in 1989 as a small family-owned company called Flo-CO2, Inc. Our founders included Fred Vanderburg, Sr. and his wife Jessie Lee, Ronnie and Joy Rice, Fred Vanderburg, Jr. and his wife Sandy, and Alan Houk.

Now the Reliant Group has branched out into multiple different companies that are able to supply carbon dioxide in many forms and fashions. We can provide service in many different states across the United States and Mexico. Our main product lines include bulk food, beverage, medical grade carbon dioxide, restaurant and convenience store mini-bulk carbon dioxide, oilfield grade carbon dioxide for oilfield markets, as well as dry ice.

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