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Specialty gases and chemicals are required for many industries, both for processing and for lab testing to very purity and chemical traits of production. We at Quality Extractions believe in providing solvents and other chemical products that are produced, refined and packaged stored according to the highest industry standards for purity and accuracy. Quality Extractions is providing instrument grade hydrocarbon solvents and process chemicals to industries and laboratories all across the U.S.

What we do

With the increase in demand for oils extracted from hemp and marijuana, we have developed standardized methods to package and deliver the solvents that are used for extraction and testing of oils from these plants. These oils have been found to be extremely helpful in the treatment for pain and many other medical issues. The same industry also uses solvents to remover terpenes and flavonoids from these plants. Terpenes and flavonoids affect the color and taste of the extracted oils. The solvents and chemicals we offer are produced and packaged with great care to make sure that our customers receive the highest purity materials for their needs.

Our Goal

We strive to provide the highest purity the US made solvents and chemicals to our customers. Our staff members have decades of experience in the specialty gas and chemical business and have a wealth of information on all gases and chemicals to assist customers as much as possible. Our goal is to expand our network and offer simplified procurement, vendor consolidation and efficient supply management.

Our team

Quality Extractions has certified in house quality control labs. Our customers enjoy absolute peace of mind as they trust Quality Extractions for the quality of products provided. Every process and procedure has been audited in our labs. We have trained staff on board who understand the importance of adequate quality assurance. The team realizes and adheres to strict policies as carelessness may result in potential fines, product recalls and product recalls for us and our valued customers. Our dedicated team provides customer service all across the country.

Handling of the containers, loading and unloading them to the customer’s place is an essential part of our in-house training.


Quality Extractions has in-house quality control labs. Our customers enjoy absolute peace of mind as they trust Quality Extractions for the quality of products provided. We understand the importance of quality assurance and the peace of mind that comes from knowing the products you buy are of high quality. Our team realizes and adheres to strict CGA and DOT policies and regulations. Cylinder cleaning, drying, prepping and safe shipping essential parts of our in-house training.

Eco-Friendly Ways

From the time the order is received to the delivery to the customers, we employ eco-friendly methods for handling our gases and chemicals. We make sure that our processes do not create a hazard for the environment.

There is a large and growing demand for oils and other materials that are extracted from hemp and marijuana. Oils that come from these plants are used to treat pain and other medical maladies.

In addition, to extracting oils, facilities that perform extraction to these plants are often interested in removing terpenes and flavonoids from the plants. Terpenes affect the color of the oil is removed and flavonoids affect the taste of the oil.