Electronic Payment Hub for Cannabis Businesses


Deposit Your Cash Legally

Your cash is picked up by armored carrier and deposited into a local bank       

Pay or Get Paid with PayQwick

Use PayQwick to instantly pay or get paid by anyone on the PayQwick platform using your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Create, Send and Pay Electronic Invoices

Create and send electronic invoices and pay invoices you’ve received.

Transfer Money Between Your Accounts

Transfer money between your checking account and your PayQwick account.

View Your Transaction History

See all your transactions right from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Payment Notifications

Get email or text notifications instantly as products are delivered and payment is received.

Pay with PayQwick Even if You Don’t Have Money in Your Account

Use PayQwick even if you don’t have enough money in your PayQwick account! The PayQwick software will automatically pull funds directly from your checking account to complete the purchase.

Limited Access for Employees

Provide your employees with limited access rights allowing them to only make payments to specified vendors without seeing your other account activity or account balance.


No sign-up charges or monthly access fees.

Save time and money by never having to transport cash or checks. Eliminate the risks of handling cash and bounced checks.

Fully compliant with state cannabis regulations.

PayQwick Mobile App for iOS and Android Devices

Do business anywhere! The PayQwick mobile App puts all of PayQwick’s features on your smartphone and tablet computer.

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