PayQwick- Access Point

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Electronic payment hub for cannabis from seed-to-sale

PayQwick is a compliance-based electronic payment hub that enables state-legal marijuana commerce to transact throughout the entire marijuana supply chain. The PayQwick hub allows electronic payments between consumers, retailers, distributors, cultivators, manufacturers and the ancillary businesses that serve them, like landlords and paraphernalia suppliers. That means marijuana businesses can:

• Pay and get paid instantly without using cash or checks.
• Accept debit and credit cards.
• Get cash picked up by armored car and deposited into their PayQwick account.
• Get a regular business bank account with PayQwick’s compliance program.
• Create and send electronic invoices.
• Transfer money electronically between their PayQwick account and checking account.
• Get email and text notifications when payment is received.
• Pay anyone even if they don’t have a PayQwick account.

PayQwick’s hub can be used with a smartphone and tablet apps (both iOS and Android) and via a desktop computer.

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