New Age Laboratories

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New Age is a laboratory services provider that specializes in testing food samples (finished products and ingredients), agricultural samples (soil, plant tissue, fertilizer, and compost), environmental samples (swabs, air, water, soil) for potential contamination (microbiological or chemical) or resource content (levels of nutrients, sugar, protein, etc.). Once initial testing has been finalized, we provide an analytical report and consults the organization on next steps to take. We provide reliable testing service with the flexibility and experience to meet every customer’s needs along with individualized services when and where they are needed. New Age is always evolving to provide you with up to date services as technology and science improves. NAL is based out of South Haven, MI our laboratory has a full, internal security system which is monitored 24/7/365 to insure the safety and integrity of our clients’ data. New Age has been a trustworthy choice since 1998 with numerous certifications related to agricultural, food safety, and environmental testing and nearly 20 years of field experience. New Age Laboratories provides client services you can depend on and data that you can trust to make the best possible decision for you business!