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Your customers will love LuxePak’s StashPak. Better than a soft-sided bag with a zipper! Make sure the important products are protected. No more crushed flower or lotions, potions, & tinctures breaking, leaking, & blowing up!

The StashPak is a sturdy, hard-shell, waterproof, lockable case. A safe place to pack your tinctures, oils, gummies, & other goodies. You can organize, prioritize and have easy access to all your favorites.

The StashPak is small enough to fit in a carry-on, suitcase, backpack, briefcase or handbag. Not only versatile & easily re-purposed for other uses, but StashPak is also a rugged toiletry case able to withstand 220 lbs.

StashPak is a bit bougie with a cool, unique design on the case that creates a skid-proof feature. The closing mechanisms and pinned hinges add to the quality. The loop will accommodate a carabiner for the outdoor enthusiast. Take hiking, camping, road-tripping, etc. It easily attaches to a backpack & so much more.

Yes, StashPak is TSA compliant (Strictly CBD). Use a TSA lock for travel to ensure security or lock it to create a child safety feature. StashPak is also airtight & waterproof.

We brand with your company logo to give you that long-lasting advertising opportunity along with a sustainable, reusable, and repurposable case. Also great for promotions. We can further customize the interior with laser-cut foam.