Loda Enterprises Inc.


Standing in our offices in Henderson, Colorado, it’s difficult for us to imagine how things were when Loren Hart started the business in March of 1985. Back then, Loda shipped its products (mostly marking guns and labels) to customers from the basement of Loren’s house in Westminster, Colorado. There was a strong need at the time for a company that sold the kinds of products that Loda provided and as our reputation for quick delivery, quality customer service, and quality supplies expanded, so did our catalog and our customer base. As we’ve grown, though, we’ve never forgotten the core tenants of what made us so successful in the first place. We still value our customers and do our best to provide high-quality customer service; we’re still working hard to get the best products available into the hands of our customers at the lowest price possible; and we’re still committed to keeping a large inventory of products on-hand and ready to ship.


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