MI-CO2/ Leonard Fountain Specialties | cannabis entrepreneurs

MI-CO2 services over 80 grows across the spectrum in Michigan; from huge sophisticated 100,000 foot warehouse sized facilities to garage size grow rooms. We serve growers from the following sites; Southeast Michigan (Detroit HQ) , West Michigan (Grand Rapids) and Central Michigan (Saginaw/Tri-Cities); and through our alliance with UNITED CO2 we can serve you anywhere in the United States.

MI-CO2 provides CO2 System Design, Installation, Piping, Alarm Monitor Systems, CO2 Delivery, Grow Controls and more. From 3 ton to 80 ton CO2 VLC receivers to 300 lb or 750 lb Bulk CO2 tanks to 20 lb  or 50 lb cylinders; we help achieve your goals of consistently higher yields at the best possible price.

MI-CO2 and Leonard’s believes in the art of growing and knows there are no cookie cutter answers.  We treat each grow with the true respect it deserves; and provide individual solutions to each grower and grow opportunity.  With over 50 years of service in the CO2 industry, Leonard’s has installed CO2 in widely varied applications; from computerized state of the art CO2/O2 handlers to simple tenting, from in-ground pipe to drip line misting; from HVAC sparges and more—all depending on YOUR particular growing style and preferences.