Kretek International


Kretek International is America’s number one Importer, Marketer and Distributor of Specialty Tobacco and Alternative Products Kretek has built on a tradition of quality and is proud to extend that tradition to its many customers across the United States and Canada. High Tea Wraps are taking the country by storm – bringing a fresh and exciting new alternative for cannabis enjoyment. Made from Chamomile tea, Mate tea, and Cacao, these wraps are free from tobacco and nicotine for a smooth and satisfying experience in 8 great flavors. The success of our new and existing brands is the foundation on which we’ve built hundreds of lasting customer relationships. The future of Kretek continues to look bright because of the relationships we have built with you — our valued customer — over the last three decades. All of us at Kretek thank you for your continued support and trust, and look forward to growing with you in the future.