Hydrotek Hydroponics



Hydrotek Hydroponics is a manufacturer, importer and wholesale distributor of commercial hydroponics grow equipment and supplies. Our portfolio includes our house signature brands in addition to carrying the most reputable name brands of professional equipment and growing supplies in the industry.

We provide equipment recommendations and solutions for indoor commercial grow and greenhouse set-ups, improvements for existing grows, upgrades for expansions, new build-outs and retrofits projects. Our focus and commitment on commercial-scale production, working with growers has allowed us to build and maintain long-lasting partnerships with small and large multi-state grow operations, outfitting commercial projects of various sizes allowing them to operate and achieve levels of the highest efficiency.

Wholesale program solutions for: Retailers, Commercial Growers, OEMs, Builders, Engineers, Contractors, Consultants

Commercial growers services for grow room setup:
– Bench and Racking Layouts
– Lightmaps
– HVAC Equipment Sizing
– Air Circulation Layouts
– Custom Irrigation & Fertigation Systems
– Consumables Forecasting & Sourcing

We specialize in B2B wholesale, commercial volume, and bulk orders simplifying fulfillment for grow equipment and consumables at the most competitive direct to factory pricing (from stock, and/or container/truckload dropship):
– HVAC & Climate Control
– Grow Lights (LED, HPS, CMH Fixtures)
– Rolling Benches, Trays, & Stationary and Mobile Racking Systems
– Water Filtration, Irrigation & Fertigation Systems
– Air Sanitation & Odor Mitigation Products
– Grow Media & Pots
– Nutrients & Supplements
– Integrated Pest Management Solutions
– Harvesting Equipment