HAL Extraction

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The HAL Extraction Booth was designed and engineered from the ground up as cost effective option to meet code and regulatory requirements for the plant oil extraction industry. Our modular Class I, Division 1 ventilated enclosures are turn-key helping to speed up the regulatory approval process getting you closer to production. As the first and only full UL Certified modular extraction facility, the HAL Extraction booth is a cost effective way to comply with applicable regulations from your fire marshal, code officials, state regulators, and OSHA inspectors.

Established in response to the growing need for well manufactured, safe equipment for the emerging extraction industry, ExtractionTek was founded in 2011. Work quickly began on the design that sets the standard for closed-loop extractors, The ETS 1300™. As the industry continues to expand, ExtractionTek Solutions has continued to meet the needs and innovate the technologies, products, and services extraction clients and regulatory agencies require to ensure the safety of its operators and facilities. Our Newest Models, built on the Modular Extraction Platform™ – (THE MeP™) offer the production throughput your team requires today on a platform designed to evolve with your growing extraction operations. The leader in Light Hydrocarbon Extraction has once again redefined the definition of efficiency in the Cannabis Extraction industry.

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