Gideon Steel

gideon steel

Committed to providing you excellent service and high quality products so you always choose us for your metal roofing or building projects.

Established in 2005, Gideon Steel is a full service manufacturer that has become an industry leader in producing components for metal roofing, steel frame building, and wood frame building applications.  Our products are used on Commercial, Residential, Agricultural, and Industrial projects.  While most of our products are installed in our region, we have shipped thousands of tons of product as far as 1,300 miles away.

We are focused to provide our customers with high-quality steel panels, trim, components, and accessories at competitive prices.  We are always striving to produce parts with Zero defects and Exceeding Customer Expectations.

Because we use the latest technology available to the industry, you receive products that can out perform our competion.  Our quality control and safety processes ensure that we make what you want, when you want it, in a safe, timely manner.

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