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Gateway Business Communications, Inc specializes in developing custom label solutions for a wide variety of industries and has seen significant growth in supporting the Cannabis Industry. The unique nature and requirements of the Cannabis Industry are a great compliment to our business. Leveraging our partnership with Epson and direct access and authorization to sell their Colorworks inkjet printers we can provide a comprehensive custom label solutions that enables you to print on-demand in full color. 

On-demand, on-premise labeling ensures that your label designs are always fresh and contain the most current, accurate data. Using on-demand labeling technology can reduce total labeling costs by up to 50%, by eliminating inventory of pre-printed label stock and waste. 

Furthermore, by combining our label expertise and leveraging strategic partnerships with software solutions providers like Teklynx we can help you streamline and control your entire labeling process. Teklynx has a wide suite of software products that can be matched specifically to your specific requirements and needs. The ability to print bar codes, print variable data on the fly and record what label was printed for historical purposes are a few of the benefits of integrating Teklynx software into your operation. 

Please stop by our booth and meet with the label and software experts and discover how deploying these technologies can help you grow your business and promote your brand.

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