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first vape | marijuana trade show

Shenzhen First Vape Technology Co.,Ltd is an enterprise mainly engaged in research, production and business on CBD/THC oil vape cartridges and batteries. Our product range covers disposable vape pen, vape mod, vape batteries, ceramic cartridge, fiberglass cartridge, plastic cartridge, dab rig,etc.

We believe in a set of core values : Customer service and Commitment to Quality. First Vape strives to achieve these values by listening to our customer needs, and constantly updating our products to fit the oil with different viscosity. We offer different options that cater to varying needs, lifestyles and budgets. We have strict quality control system and a team of 30 people to ensure the product quality. We have our own factory with 20 production lines, which enables us to make delivery on time.

We don’t touch the plants, nor do we produce the oil. We ONLY help those that do. Our Technology and hardware have helped a lot of brands in the cannabis industry. First Vape is the supplier you can rely on.

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