E-Alternative Solutions / Hempire

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Founded in 2014, E-Alternative Solutions (EAS) develops, markets, and distributes the high-quality, innovative, and alternative products that consumers want. The EAS brand portfolio includes Leap®, Forth™, and Mojo™, competitive players in the vapor, CBD, and energy categories respectively. EAS is also proud to present Hempire, an extensive range of pre-roll cones and wraps to help consumers enjoy the moment when they’re lighting up. Convenient and easy to use, Hempire cones are vegan and made with 100% pure organic hemp and natural gum, so they don’t interfere with the taste of the flower. Their slow, even burn gives cone connoisseurs the most enjoyable smoking experience possible. Hempire wraps are a green twist on a traditional tobacco blunt wrap. They offer a clean smoke, without the tobacco and nicotine. Made with non-GMO organic hemp and infused with traditional flavors or contemporary terpenes, these vegan lick ‘n stick wraps are ready to take your shoppers buds on a flavor trip. Our business pillars of understanding the marketplace, prioritizing customers’ needs, and providing reliable regulatory analysis have positioned us as a thoughtful and respected retail partner. Further, our award-winning portfolio of products combined with our best-in-class trade and marketing programs help you effectively maximize profitability and drive shoppers through your doors.”