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Cultivation Club

Cultivation Club

Cvltivation Clvb is Oklahoma’s first boutique dispensary. We provide luxury service & personalized care to our patients with the highest quality 100% organic THC & CBD products. Expertly trained staff members are committed to ensuring our patients are well-informed about our wide variety of options and comfortable knowing their medication is best suited for treating their personal needs.

While we maintain the highest quality form of products & strains our customers already know and love, we also grow and evolve with our patients by developing unique strains exclusive to our boutique. For every unique need, we are here to create a unique treatment solution. Our patients are our passion, and never just a transaction.

Cvltivation Clvb is dedicated to creating a clean, secure, and safe environment where your medical needs and comfortability are treated with the utmost respect. In addition to THC products available to patients with a medical marijuana card in compliance with state law, we provide high quality CBD products and accessories available to all guests. Our beautiful facility is conveniently located in Midtown Oklahoma City.

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