California Lightworks

california lightworks

California LightWorks offers products for use as LED greenhouse lighting systems as well as indoor lighting systems suited for a wide range of applications. Our systems are easy to install and unlike traditional HID lighting systems, there’s never a bulb to change. SolarSystem® series lights can be used as single indoor LED grow lights in a grow tent or combined in a series for larger growing operations. The SolarSystem® 550 is our most versatile light; suited for small or large-scale grows. When connected to the SolarSystem® Controller, you’ve got fully programmable and automated spectrum control at your fingertips. The SolarSystem 1100 UVB is our most powerful lighting system. It combines two powerful supplemental UVB grow lights in addition to a high power primary LED fixture for one of the most powerful and impactful lighting solutions on the market.


In addition to large LED grow lights, we offer the SolarSystem Controller, which works with all SolarSystem® series greenhouse grow lights and indoor grow lights. It features a 24-hour timer, automated programming, and three spectrum ranges. A digital clock and calendar help manage growing operations, up to an entire season, to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of our LED grow light system.

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