Become an exhibitor at Detroit, MI Cannacon!


Why exhibit in Detroit?

The Motor City of Detroit was birthed in the gritty automobile industry. The metropolis weathered a trajectory of boom and bust cycles, from the original Ford Motor Company regime, to the Great Depression, to the burst of the Internet bubble. The city is now poised to reclaim its status as a leading economic hub through a new vertical of mammoth proportions—the thriving cannabis industry.

Cannabis companies servicing Michigan will soon reign over the Great Lakes region. More than 270,000 residents have medical marijuana cards, and only California has more medical cannabis users. What’s more, a new recreational marijuana ballot proposal may pave the way for millions more users. The state will become a regulated market in 2018, with licensed growing operations, facilities, and dispensaries.

Visit the CannaCon Detroit Conference to unlock the potential of this emerging industry for your business. The wealth of connections you’ll make, along with educational workshops and access to leading industry knowledge, will position you among the first entrepreneurs to grow with the thriving cannabis industry in Michigan.

With a storied past and bold urban culture, Detroit is a rising tourist destination. Downtown buildings emerge from the rubble of antiquity, with new construction skyscrapers giving way to historic Art Deco edifices shaping the skyline. The visage of downtown buildings meeting the Detroit River is best viewed at night, when the glittering reflections of multicolored lights line the waterfront promenade, opening to a crescent-shaped bay complete with harbors beyond the nature conservancy island of Belle Isle Park.

Various immigrants, from the original French settlers to automobile factory workers from across the globe, have lent Detroit a diverse musical, culinary, and arts culture. These influences emerged in music as Motown and techno genres, as well as jazz, punk, and hip-hop.

A flourishing culinary scene provides everything from meat-and-potatoes steak houses to greasy spoon diners with all-day pancakes, gastropubs serving microbrew beer, and even Texan-Brazilian churrascaria. Vibrant murals by Shepard Fairey and local artists decorate downtown storefronts, while street art at Eastern Market is internationally renowned.

Detroit’s polarities comprise an utterly unique destination for tourists and cannabis businesses alike. With Art Deco buildings in stark contrast to modern skyscrapers and historic factories adjacent to tech companies, new industries emerge from the wreckage of financial ruin. The regal 19th century palatial homes of the Motor City belie the prosperity of the past and foretell that of the future. Join us at CannaCon Detroit, and unlock the potential for your own business in the Great Lakes region.

Still not convinced?

Whether you are a consumer, industry employee, ancillary business owner, producer, processor, retailer or investor - Cannacon will prove to be a valuable experience. Network with the best and brightest in cannabis. CannaCon provides an ideal business to business networking platform. If you are an ancillary business owner, you will have the unique opportunity to network and gain valuable insights from vendors leading to possible direct sales opportunities. If you are a retailer, CannaCon is a perfect venue to perform market research and connect with producers and processors who wholesale cannabis products.

Investors visiting the expo will have direct access to hundreds of businesses and even more business representatives for invaluable market research and possible partnership opportunities. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to interact with 200+ cannabis technology influencers and industry product leaders paving the way for a sustainable, healthy, lucrative world for Green innovators.