Become an exhibitor at Boston, MA Cannacon!


Why become an exhibitor?

Whether you are a consumer, industry employee, ancillary business owner, producer, processor, retailer or investor - Cannacon will prove to be a valuable experience. Network with the best and brightest in cannabis. CannaCon provides an ideal business to business networking platform. If you are an ancillary business owner, you will have the unique opportunity to network and gain valuable insights from vendors leading to possible direct sales opportunities. If you are a retailer, CannaCon is a perfect venue to perform market research and connect with producers and processors who wholesale cannabis products.

Investors visiting the expo will have direct access to hundreds of businesses and even more business representatives for invaluable market research and possible partnership opportunities. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to interact with 200+ cannabis technology influencers and industry product leaders paving the way for a sustainable, healthy, lucrative world for Green innovators.