State-by-State Breakdown: The Intriguing Dynamics of 4/20 Pre-Roll Sales

As the cannabis industry reflects on another 4/20 celebration, it’s clear that the holiday provides a big sales boost across markets. While this 4/20 was anything but record breaking – a comprehensive analysis by data firm Headset revealed that overall cannabis sales slightly dipped from last 4/20 – the pre-roll segment exhibited some of the…

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Dave Dammit; You Will Be Missed

On 4/20/2024 the CannaCon family lost one of its own. We will miss you Dave. Dave was a testament to a life lived with kindness, passion, and an unwavering dedication to plant medicine. He will be greatly missed by his friends, family, the CannaCon team, and the entire cannabis community. Dave was more than a…

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Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Vending Machines

cannabis vending

Machines dispensing both CBD and THC are popping up around the United States. As CBD is generally more accepted (and not regulated), machines exclusively offering these products are often available in public spaces, such as shopping centers and convenience stores. Vending machines offering THC products are less widely accessible, often being restricted to dispensaries or…

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DaySavers stoner dream job will pay you to smoke weed

Calling all stoners – are you ready to find your dream job? You’re in luck. DaySavers recently launched their search for a cannabis content creator who will get paid to light up and test cannabis accessories. The job is being dubbed the “Ultimate Stoner Dream Job” and comes with a cool $70,420 annual salary plus…

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One of the foundational products of the cannabis industry is the pre-roll joint. It’s become ubiquitous in dispensaries and retail shops around the country. The convenience and relatively low price the pre-roll provides has made the sector not only the fastest-growing segment of the industry, but also made the product the number one add-on at…

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Why You Need Commercial Cannabis Storage Units for Your Marijuana Grow Operation

commercial cannabis storage

  Why You Need Commercial Cannabis Storage Units for Your Marijuana Grow Operation Increases in Crop Demand Require Commercial Cannabis Storage Units  Why You Need Commercial Cannabis Storage Units for Your Marijuana Grow Operation Why You Need Commercial Cannabis Storage Units for Your Marijuana Grow Operation In order for cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD) to remain…

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Social Distancing Sales: Delivery, Drive-thru, and Pickup

cannabis sales

As you may have heard in the news, governments whose stay-at-home orders shuttered millions of businesses nationwide have largely exempted cannabis operators from suffering a similar fate. While some people have expressed skepticism, cannabis is an essential need for millions of patients, whether they have a card or have to rely on recreational/adult-use sources to…

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Prepared for Crisis and Resilience

pandemic plan

During this challenging time, keeping up an open, honest dialogue is key. It’s this dialog that is an opportunity for organizations to share what they know, the impact to their staff members, and the impact to their customers / clients. We are co-developing a shared experience that seeks to connect us. As the COVID-19 situation…

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Making Health and Safety Central to Your Cultivation Facility Maintenance

cultivation facility maintenance

By Jon Jirikovec, Cultivation Superintendent at Next Big Crop Cultivation facility maintenance health and safety SOPs that protect your team, your customers and anyone involved with your operation are critical, now more so than ever as we collectively handle the spread and fallout of the new coronavirus. Taking care of your workers means more than…

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Cannabis Dispensaries Can Adapt to COVID-19 by Offering Delivery and Pickup

cannabis dispensaries adapt to covid-19

Cannabis Dispensaries Can Adapt to COVID-19 by Offering Delivery and Pickup In the wake of the COVID 19 outbreak, there has been a significant uptick in cannabis sales as consumers are social distancing, self quarantining, and working from home. As cases continue to spread, marijuana businesses need to be prepared to take their business online…

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Anatomy of a Washdown Duty Stainless Steel Air Circulator

aGROair | marijuana events

So we caught your attention with “anatomy”! Sorry but from our point of view the anatomy / construction is nearly important as the anatomy of some other things! Why should you care? Because knowing how a Stainless Steel Washdown Air Circulator is built will give you the basis to decide if one is right for…

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What is “washdown duty” and why should I want to have it?

cannacon location

What is “washdown duty” and why should I want to have it? “Washdown Duty” is a term used primarily by the electric motor and power transmission industry to indicate that a machine is designed for a high level of protection against the effects of water. These motors and other equipment were created to meet the…

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Michigan dispensaries, improve online ordering during Coronavirus

online hemp ordering in Michigan

Dispensaries are taking steps to ensure that patients, customers, and employees stay safe and healthy during COVID-19 pandemic with online hemp ordering in Michigan. Some dispensaries are regularly disinfecting door handles, countertops, and touchscreens, and limiting the number of people in the waiting room and in the dispensary. It is essential that dispensaries are ready…

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How Greenhouse Automation Can Assist In Social Distancing

greenhouse automation

Unless you’ve been living off the grid for the past month, you’re probably aware that the effects of the Covid-19 virus have changed our world as we know it. More and more companies are sending employees home to help stop the spread of the virus. This has led to uncertainty and leaves business owners searching…

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Cultivation Facility Design Rules of Thumb

cultivation facility design

It’s hard to overstate the importance of effective cultivation facility design in the success of a commercial cannabis operation. That’s because world-class growers can only produce top-shelf flower if they’re working in a facility that adheres to a few key rules of thumb.

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Abolish Drug Testing

abolish drug testing

Imagine this a hard-working union laborer, working diligently through their second shift of the day. He picked up some extra hours that their boss was happy to give, knowing he had his second child recently and closed on a three-bedroom ranch. His demeanor and go-getter attitude are exactly what will keep production on pace to…

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