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CannaCon Testimonials

CannaCon is the smartest choice you can make for your business.
Read CannaCon testimonials from past exhibitors and attendees.

Amy A


As an event professional, I can truthfully say Cannacon is hands down one of the best run shows in the cannabis industry!


Red Bud Soil Company

The Cannacon show in OKC was just insane. We had 6 to 7 people working our booth, and still didn’t have enough time or people to speak with the attendees that were interested in our products. It was overwhelming in the best of ways. The guys at Cannacon were easy to work with, and very accommodating. This being a new market no one really knew what to expect, but half way through day one we already new we would book for the next show in September. The show was so good for us that we had to upgrade our manufacturing Facility to a 15,000 square foot building and bring in all new equipment to handle the influx of business. I can’t say enough good things about the show and the people running it. One of the best trade shows we have ever done thank you for everything!


Export Hydro

Hi CannaCon team just wanted to thank you for your hospitality in Santa Rosa. I’m really glad to have met you and participate in the festivity’s on the weekend, you put on a great event.

Richard Clay

VP of Sales, Cirrus LED Grow Lights

I wanted to say thank you to CannaCon for putting on the best show I have participated in for over 4 years. We are currently working with 23 commercial operations nationwide worth over several million dollars from the Seattle CannaCon show. A big thank you to the CannaCon team for making this the most successful show to date. See you all at the CannaCon Santa Rosa show.

Marla Flynn

I had a great time at CannaCon Boston! I went to learn more about the industry,as it is new to Massachusetts. The Vendors were all very informative, friendly, and ready to answer any of my questions. Kudos to you and all those behind the scenes who made it possible! I am already looking forward to next year’s get together!

Cameron Bonsey

Director of Marketing

At Coast of Maine Brands we selected a booth at Cannacon Boston for the first time. As a New England based organic growing media company we have just begun to hit our stride in having cannabis cultivators use our Stonington Blend Growers Mix. The consistent traffic and ability to speak with decision-makers will fundamentally change our path going forward. Thank you Cannacon!

Brothers Grimm Seeds

Thank you to all the Michigan growers for coming to see us at Cannacon Detroit ? we SO enjoyed meeting y’all. And HUGE thanks for making this the first event where we’ve ever SOLD OUT of all our Cinderella 99 and 3 other strains ?

Thomas Warinner


The most fun you can have at a cannabis event. The best networking opportunity in the industry – by leaps and bounds.

Jared Mirsky

OMD Agency

I have attended Cannacon every year since they started, and every year it gets better. This is one of the few conferences I have been to that actually does it right. If you’re thinking about attending, I strongly encourage you to.

Jonah Sanford

Dab Star

Best business to business networking platform in the industry.

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