Smith Cove Cruise Terminal & Event Center

2001 West Garfield Seattle, WA 98119

February 16th 17th 18th 2017

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  • *********The Cannacon Now team filmed on location without the injury of any plants or people! *********** Driving back after the @thcfair in Medford, Oregon we decided to stay a few nights in Portland to capture some chaos and awesomeness! #cannaconnow #cannacon #connectingamericatocannabis #prochoicecannabis #cannabisindustry #cannabisbusiness #marijuana #marijuanaindustry #marijuanabusiness #portlandbound #portlandweed
  • Pikachu at the Cannacon Now booth at the @thcfair repping @cannaflagedesigns! #cannaflagedesigns commercial coming soon! If you don't know Karen or her fashion and decor designs than you must inquire! Karen, the owner of #cannaflagedesigns, takes pictures from her own cannabis farm in her backyard and uses those pictures as her designs and patterns for her clothing, decor and accessories. The #Cannaconnow team is producing a full fledged commercial for her and we look forward to lunching it soon! Can you spot which items are hers?!
  • @jojolasforyou is specifically targeted for women who want and like the classy, elegant, and sophisticated way to smoke cannabis. Her fancy products are artistic in every way. Make sure to check out her websites and spread the word on the #professionalwaytosmokecannabis #prochoicecannabis #connectingamericatocannabis #cannabisbusiness #cannabisindustry #doinggreatthings
  • #cannaconnow is here at the @thcfair eating some delicious #allsmokedoutbbq @allsmokedoutbbq from Medford, Oregon!!! Thank you @cannaflagedesigns for the beautiful apron!! #connectingamericatocannabis #prochoicecannabis #doinggreatthings #cannabisindustry #food #cannabisbusiness #marijuana #marijuanabusiness #marijuanaindustry
  • @chefjeremycooper at the @thcfair talking about the Future of Cannabis Cooking ! #connectingamericatocannabis #prochoicecannabis #marijuanaindustry #marijuanabusiness #cannabisindustry #cannabisbusiness
  • The @thcfair is underway! #cannaconnow is at booth #900! Come talk to us about #seattlecannon #marijuanaindustry #marijuanabusiness #cannabisindustry #cannabisbusiness and more! We are here to serve you. We have an espresso bar, water, and tons of goodies 😄#connectingamericatocannabis #prochoicecannabis